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Activities To Do

These are the popular services we offer. If you want to discuss anything about what we can offer you please get in contact.

Battle Archery ®

Do you and your friends fancy being mercenarys for the day? How about letting your inner Lara croft loose? Then Battle Archery® is definitely for you! 
Battle Archery® places 2 or more teams against each other in all out warfare … which team are you on?

Knife Throwing

Got a spare hour, nothing to do, fancy learning how to throw some knifes? Of course you do!

Axe Throwing

Learn the ancient art of axe throwing with our qualified instructors. Working on your skills and techniques using different games and training methods. Compete with your friends & prove once and for all, who is the Axe master!

Ultimate Throwing

It’s your time to shine! Learn how to throw knives, throwing angels, axes, Thomahawks and much, much more. With full training from our qualified instructors, we’ll have you hitting your target time and time again.

Ultimate Throwing

It’s your time to shine and be the action hero from the films. working closely with our instructors throw knives, Angels, axes, Tomahawks, nails,  and even more. We will train you up in our safe throwing area to hit the target time after time followed by playing mini games to hone your skills and complete for points.

Battle Archery®

Do You and your friends fancy themselves being a mercenary or the next Lara Croft? Then this is for you!

Battle Archery® places two teams against each other. We run different games from ‘King of the Hill’ to ‘Last Person Standing’.

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Axe Throwing

Learn the ancient art of Axe Throwing with our trained expert staff. We will get you from zero to hero working on your skill and technique to make sure you hit the target. Compete for points, prove who is the Axe master and have bragging rights with your friends.

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